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A method for arbitrary mapping of one set of points on a map to another set of points, possibly on the same map but not necessarily. First described by Montgomery Kielder, Kielder mappings may describe any other mapping. Thus the Kielder mapping is considered to be a superset of rotational, nominative, translational, or even transformation maps since any of these (or any other describable variant function) may be defined, combined and invoked through a Kielder mapping.

It is obvious that this is a phenomenally flexible and powerful mechanism.

It is also extraordinarily difficult to understand, and to use effectively in competitive play, because of the computational load which calculating a Kielder mapping on the fly entails. Although there have been some interesting results using Kielder maps as the underpinnings of a number of sims, few players can deploy a Kielder mapping with any credibility, except as a bluff.


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