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A Mornington-Crescent style game based on the West Midlands Centro network, culminating in the winning move of Stourbridge Junction. Lea Hall 2000 was released on the 17th June in the Millennial year and is the result of meetings over a seven month period between Dudley and District MCC (that's Si's club) and CresFed Birmingham (The Central Birmingham representative at IMCS). The joint consortium felt that it was high-time that the Second City had its own game, to celebrate the new Millennium and also the opening of the Metro between Wolverhampton and Birmingham.

The Ruleset and Network of the new Lea Hall ruleset are interesting and varied from Mornington Crescent. The situation of the stations, and the slightly larger scale means that it is a perfect network i.e there are no permanent loops and pitfalls. Although this sounds boring at first, play can become more competitive as a rule was added to make the creation of temporary vortices easier. Thus, if you wanted to really drop your opponents in it in an All-In game, a temporary vortex could be created anywhere on the network via the Anderton Vortex Law. It would be difficult to explain the entire ruleset here, but there are many little intricacies that should make the game quite different from the traditional Chalk Farm '84 played on a different network that we see so often these days. I suggest you all take a read, available from [IMCS], your local MCC or a good bookshop!


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