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North Weald, Blake Hall and Ongar (Central Line)
Peak-hours only shuttle service from Epping. Blake Hall closed in 1983, North Weald and Ongar in 1994.
Aldwych (Piccadilly Line)
Peak Hours only spur from Holborn. Closed 1994.
Brompton Road (Piccadilly line)
was closed in 1934.
British Museum (Central Line)
between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn, closed 1933.
White City (Metropolitan line)
between Latimer Road and Shepherd's Bush (MP), closed 1959.
Uxbridge Road
on a Metropolitan line spur connecting Latimer Road and Kensington Olympia; both the station and spur closed in 1947.
Lords and Marlborough Road
existed between Baker Street and Finchley Road on the Metropolitan line. Both closed in 1939.
St Mary's (Whitechapel Road)
on the Metropolitan Line between Whitechapel and Aldgate East, closed 1938.
South Kentish Town (Northern Line)
between Kentish Town and Camden Town, closed 1924.
City Road (Northern line)
between Angel and Old Street (NT), closed 1922.
York Road (Piccadilly line)
between Kings Cross (PD) and Caledonian Road, closed 1932.
Down Street (Piccadilly line)
between Green Park (PD) and Hyde Park Corner, closed 1932.
South Acton
on a District line spur from Acton Town (the spur was closed in 1959 but the station still serves the North London line).

Not included here are re-sited stations, or stations on abandoned routes (such as the Metropolitan line extension beyond Amersham and the District line extensions from Acton Town to Hounslow West, and Ealing Broadway to Windsor).

(This information gleaned from Douglas Rose's "The London Underground - A Diagrammatic History", a superb historical map but now sadly out of print. This is a vital research tool - especially for information on abandoned routes, station re-sites and name-changes.)



My circa-1970 Tube map shows the now-closed Strand Station on the Northern Line, between Leicester Square and Charing Cross, which can, in fact, be seen from Northern Line Trains as they pass through, just as can The Gazeteer - a ghost located under/near Monument/Bank, still dimly visible from Northern Line trains if sufficient sparks are generated in passing, which never, as far as I know, resulted in a passenger entrance or appeared on any Tube Map. The Gazeteer's deserted platform is used as a storage facility for pallets of the slightly concave (top to bottom) white tiles once used to line stations. Nowadays, they just don't bother, and use conventional flat tiles for station linings.


Further Addendum

I am happy to report that Douglas Rose's "The London Underground - A Diagrammatic History" is back in print in a seventh edition, priced very reasonably at 7.95, ISBN 1-8541-42194 (amazon.com, search).

Incidentally, perusal of the 1933 tube map versus the 1938 tube map shows a station Post Office between Chancery Lane and Bank on the Central London Line in 1933. This appears to have been renamed St Paul's by the next map. It retains this name today. Under Original Name Rules this is a useful technicality. Also, the version of the 1933 Beck map on the LU museum website shows British Museum in place as an interchange station (with Holborn?) despite assertions elsewhere that it never appeared on any modern tube maps. In interchange only rules this is another useful technicality.

(It is true that both of these stations are also shown on pre-Beck maps but most players tend only to use Beck-design boards. For those interested in such things there is an [excellent webpage] with a collection of maps from 1908 (interesting but unusable) to 1999 (twice), including a 1933 map, though without British Musem, a gorgeous 1921 map and the 1970-era map referred to above showing Strand and also Trafalgar Square, both of which were later amalgamated into Charing Cross. There is also another, [slightly more bizarre webpage] that has plans of several stations from various times, most taken from times when the stations in question were being remodelled. My favourite is the photo of a model of the King's Cross deep tubes.)


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