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The Lock Cup (hosted at http://www.dunx.org/cgi-bin/lock-cup) is the cup for one-on-one Internet challenge matches. Created and presented originally by one Ben Knight, better known as 'Dr. Lock', it was originally hosted on the Delphi MC web server – which was also known as "Camden Lock". The man himself claims that the cup's full title is the Camden Lock Cup – his own chosen net-nickname being, according to him, purely a coincidence. (And if you believe that you'll believe anything. – Ed.)

Possession of the Cup is won by defeating the champion in a single-player challenge match. To decide who faces the champion next, challengers fight against each other in a ranked ladder to determine precedence – and, unlike the current state of the "alphabet soup" championships of boxing, nobody gets away with refusing to fight a worthy challenger. Nor does anybody have an unbeaten record left to protect by spurious means (pardon me, Messrs. Calzaghe and Hatton). For the winner, glory: for the loser, ignominy. Arguments have been had, wars have been fought, toys have been thrown out of prams, lethal cocktails of turpentine and benzene have been drunk, and grown men have said "Boo", over possession of the Cup. If Ruttsborough were alive and present to witness some of the shenanigans, we might have another Moon Over Morden incident.

It is believed (following a claim by Dr Lock himself) that a Podume of Infinite Darkness is imprisoned in the base of the Cup. This claim has never actually been proven publicly in the presence of witnesses: but both the Delphi web server, which originally hosted the Cup, and the [Pants MC]? server which was created as a direct replacement for Delphi and hosted the cup subsequently, were to disappear without either trace or warning from the face of the net. This has only served to give further credence to the rumour …

Former holders of the Lock Cup include JLE and Brown.

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