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Mornington Crescent Player was first published in 1854 after the sad demise of [Crescent Oracle, The]?, which had run for only five years. Now widely accepted as the popular voice of MC, MC Player is published monthly by Northern & Central, a board of trustees who took over its publication after the demise of Robert Maxwell. MC Player had not been a Mirror Group Production at the time, but it seemed as good a chance as any so they took it. Furtler & Frott, who had been its publishers prior, still appear not to have realised, which is arguably proof that it was the right thing to do.

A typical issue of MC Player has a balance of MC-related news, gossip and digest as well as theoretical assessments, game fixture listings, celebrity profiles, token longevity tests and technical bulletins. The November issue each year contains a sneak preview of the forthcoming Ruleset Revisions from the IMCS. MC Player is also renowned for its small ads, which cover both MC related gubbins and personal ads, most of which take a form similar to the following:

Neasden (M) seeks Dollis (F) to go loopy over.

These pages can be rather sickening at times.


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