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Madeira: n. A rich, fruity, fortified wine, immortalised in Flanders & Swann's song 'Have Some Madeira, M'Dear'. Named after the place it was originally produced.

Also: Madeira was the name given to the Internet server at UCL, on which the archive and game server of 'The Game of Mornington Crescent at York' was hosted for some years, following the closure of the original server at York University.

Officially, the Madeira site was called 'The Game of Mornington Crescent Not at York Anymore', which was generally considered a bit of a mouthful, and gave rise to the 'Madeira' appellation, along with several others, principally 'NotYork', '!York', and 'jim's place', in honour of jim?, who ensured its continued availability right up to the point where he was cruelly ensnared by the corporate life, and went off to do some work.

jim? converted the original collection of C code and shell scripts into Perl, while cunningly preserving the original game data format and Yorkish look.

Madeira was preserved in aspic for future generations to marvel at, and may be seen at White Rose MC

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