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Although superficially similar to the Ghost, Foetal and Foetal Ghost Station rules, North End (or Bull & Bush) station necessitates special treatment. As all half-decent MC players will be aware, North End was a station on the Northern Line (Edgware branch), between Hampstead and Golders Green, which was built at platform level only, and never opened.

The associated North End Rule is so complex that only the barest bones of its details can be given here, although it can, of course, be found in the latest edition of the IMCS rulebook as rules 15236-16458 inclusive. In essence, it is treated as a foetal station, as it is arguably still in the process of being built (albeit about 90 years since work was last done). However, there are numerous other effects of the North End Rule that only the most expert of MC players fully grasp. Nevertheless, particularly when used in conjunction with Beck's Rule, it is a valuable implement.

Incidentally, there have been suggestions made that Highgate (High Level) station should fall under the same rule, since although LT 'roundels' were erected, the station was never used by Underground trains. An IMCS North End Working Party was set up in 1962 to consider the North End rule, its future and its possible application to Highgate (High Level). It is believed that they have so far found it necessary to redraft about 500 rules.


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