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Rule 783f of the Standard IMCS Rulebook has been present since the first edition, and is generally regarded as having no meaning whatsoever. It is unclear if the rule was a printing error, a mistake in transcription, an obscure reference or simply the compilers' idea of a joke – over the years, there have been various suggestions as to its meaning and origin, but none of them sufficiently convincing for IMCS to annotate Rule 783f, or to remove it from the rulebook. Under IMCS regulations laid down in 1900, rules cannot be revoked unless they are having an adverse effect on the general state of play. As this is hardly the case with 783f, it has remained present and valid all this time. It is generally regarded with gentle amusement by players, and is occasionally invoked if the game is thought to be getting a little over-serious.

Rule 783f states, quite simply, that "North is always North".


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