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The controversial analytical practice of applying formulae from one part of the ruleset to another, and even from entirely unrelated fields, substituting compound algebraic expressions for the arguments of the original formula where the mapping is not obvious. The intention is to generate fresh insight into a problem by placing an alternative structure on the data, harnessing serendipity and juxtaposition.

This approach to analysis is too bleeding edge even for the normally progressive IMCS, having been denounced as mere charlatanism at every committee meeting at every level where it has been discussed. Any player found to be using parameterisation in match play is likely to be expelled from their club and banned from county level for at least three years.

It is best not to repeat CAMREC's official position on the matter.

Despite this controversy there have been some striking successes for parameterised analysis at the international level, with rogue players using this technique having beaten highly experienced players with apparently inspired manoeuvres which they have later attributed to parameterisation.


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