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Patience MC, also known as the solo game, is Mornington Crescent for one player. It comes in a bewildering number of variations – literally, the same number as there are legal initial board setups. The object of them all is to get from one of the canonical starting stations to Mornington Crescent in the smallest number of moves; thus Allbright's Patience MC has Totteridge and Whetstone as its starting point, and so on. A variant which has recently gained a modicum of popularity on the [!]York server and elsewhere is 'Quickfire Patience MC'. This variant is played without the Offside Rule in effect, thus often enabling Mornington Crescent to be declared instantly. While many fail to see the point of this, it nevertheless has its aficionados.


The solo game is especially favoured in the Zen Buddhist tradition of Mornington Crescent, because of its meditative qualities.


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