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Pegs are used to gain finer control of the flow of tokens during a token cascade.

The Holland Park 2000 ruleset has finally – and to the relief of many players – formally codified the circumstances under which implicit pegging is permissible. As the term would indicate, pegging a station renders it unaffected by token movements around it, and tokens attempting to pass through it are usually redirected to the primary token stack. Obviously, the use of pipes will inevitably modify this behaviour. However, the presence of pegs on the map introduces its own new tactics, most notably the pivot. Under certain game states, including knip and Boris, but excluding spoon, an active player's own movements are affected by the presence of pegs in much the same way as are the movements of tokens, except of course that players are only forced through pipes in virtual games or games 'Down Below'.

It is also possible to peg game parameters, such as line velocity, the snoods and so on. This fixes the parameter at its current value until another player is able to remove the peg.


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