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The Podume of Infinite Darkness is almost never seen in regular MC play, but at least one is known to have been created by John Dee, and to have vanished after he used it on Sir Walter Raleigh in a 'friendly' match. (It was said that Raleigh made his decision to travel after this event; he was convinced it was following him.) [Aleister Crowley]? claimed to have rediscovered it, and used it in a match with [Gerald Gardner]? in 1940. Accounts of this are patchy and contradictory, but it is fairly clear that Crowley won, and Gardner never played MC again. Many MC players have claimed to have rediscovered it, although none have actually used it in a tournament game.

It is jet black, with faded inscriptions on the obverse and an inverted pentagram on the transverse. It does have a disturbing tendency to try and get itself played when it feels threatened. When the player holding it is in knip, knid or when the spin ratio drops below 30%, it glows blacker.

Also known as the Podume of Ultimate Evil.


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