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The work of a frenzied summer of theorising from those great minds of Trellis and Grossman, QTD is the theory which thus far most accurately describes the zone boundary interactions within the Great Game. It utilises the (as yet) theoretical entities zonons? to precisely define how proximity, token weightings, and other factors interact to produce the visible effects we know so well in the Great Game. Zonon interactions are described using zone boundary interaction diagrams, which would have been a good deal harder to draw without Fosdyke Notation.

While the original paper on QTD was published in 1982, the full implications of the theory on competitive play have only recently been realised. Indeed, the first truly QTD-led game has yet to be played, although it seems likely to happen next year when Riemann and Garuda meet at Helsinki. It promises to be fascinating, if incomprehensible.


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