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When a disadvantageous change in the game state occurs, the best way to deal with it is obviously to change one's play to minimise the effects. For example, after a derailment, high line velocity play is no longer appropriate, and a player might switch to movement above ground. After a hostile frume, using moves that require few tokens (such as glides or rataches), or which replenish those lost – such as a Pettengale Sweep or a token cascade are obvious counter-plays.

When counter-plays of these kinds are pursued aggressively immediately after a setback, they are known as revanches. The core of the revanche tactic is to switch the contest to an area where the opponent's newly-gained advantage is minimised, and press the attack there, hopefully rendering the opponent's advantages elsewhere moot. Correct use of the revanche requires a fine balance of flexibility and decisiveness, and of the world's great players it is in fact Mrs Trellis who shows the most skill in this area.


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