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A form of mapping in which the relationships between stations and nodes on the map are governed by their angular differences. Rotational mapping implies the active use of the diagonal in determining a station's location, and a player's location on or between their current line of progress. Such positions are generally expressed either as polar coordinates, or as angles relative to the Great Diagonal.

This type of mapping is important when a massive rotation of the board occurs, as such an event can disrupt all interstation relationships except for their angular proportions.

As an example, let us say that, due to Player A's previous move against Player B, they now are at a 32.5° angle from Marble Arch with respect to the Great Diagonal. A subsequent strile to Green Park and/or Blackfriars would cause a massive rotation obliterating any prior nominative mapping and detaching the paraboloid from the Great Diagonal. This latter occurrence is of significance to users of the rotational mapping, because only polar coordinates can be used to express the position of a paraboloid once it is divorced from its parent diagonal.


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