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Welcome to the Sand Box. and Feel free to experiment, vandalise and convince yourself that yes, you can really edit any page you like. If, however, you don't like the page, then you can't edit it, as the page probably doesn't like you, either, and will come to your house and eat you.

This is quite interesting. A fabulous insight for helping players. Thank you.

Fabulous being an appropriate choice of word, given that it shares a root with 'fable', of course -- rab.

...and 'bulous.'

Simons Mith back again, with a different browser. 'How' does this 'one' behave I wonder? Bit slow, but OTOH it isn't slowing further as I add more text. Flibbly wurble spoo.

this text is supposedly cut-and=-pastable Excellent - c-and-p now working. That will make things easier. This is becoming a darn good browser.

Me again. Firefox beta this time... 'Wibbly' wobbly woo.

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