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Theoretically tokens are themselves affected by the presence of other tokens. In practice, because tokens only affect objects of matching colours, there will not normally be any effect. However, a cursory glance at the White Rose [podume table] will reveal a number of specialised tokens whose presence can influence other tokens.

Nevertheless, the cumulative effect of all tokens does influence the location where they have been placed, and if some of the tokens present also interact, care should be taken to avoid unexpected side-effects. A conservative rule of thumb is to treat all interacting tokens as having multiplicative effects; certainly, having them magnify one another's characteristics is far more common than having them cancel out.

The extreme case of this phenomenon is of course the Podume of Infinite Darkness which increases the token loading on all tokens at the same location, including itself, to infinity. Of course, only the Podume of Infinite Darkness can exist under those conditions, hence its presence immediately destroys all other podumes, warps the manifold and terminates the game in short order. In this case, 'terminates' is usually used in the most sinister sense of the word.


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