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A token sink is a station capable of absorbing a large excess of tokens without becoming blocked. Major token sinks on the standard map include Aldwych?, Bank?, Dollis Hill and other loop stations, Hammersmith, King's Cross and Ongar.

Token sinks are useful for countering holding stations; while holding stations can store more tokens than any token sink could absorb, the per-turn transfer limits only slightly favour the holding stations. By passing a stack over a token sink, almost all the excess tokens are absorbed and the otherwise overwhelming effects of a token cascade can be mitigated.

For most practical purposes, tokens absorbed by a token sink are lost for good. Even where some tokens can be retrieved, this usually costs more than the value of the tokens in question.

The tactical possibilities of using a token sink to bog down an opponent's use of Throgmorton's Hydra or to enhance the effects of a hostile frume should be readily apparent to most players.

The Fronsky diagram symbol for a token sink containing retrievable tokens (a cache) is a solid underlined triangle with vertex pointing downwards. An empty token sink is marked by a hollow triangle with vertex pointing downward (no underscore). However, as token sinks of varying sizes are implicit to most stations they are not generally marked.


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