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French founder of the Official International Society of Mornington Crescent Stewards (OISMCS). Xavier actually started his career as a Grandmaster player, achieving a highest ranking of 56 in 1964. After a car crash tragically ended his playing career in 1971, Xavier joined the IMCS umpires list and quickly rose through the ranks to international level.

After the radical changes that took place in tournament structures in the late 1970s, a disillusioned Xavier left the IMCS in 1980 to form an independent referee's association, the OISMCS. To this day, the OISMCS is the approved officiating body for many national leagues. However, the IMCS refuses to recognise it as an international body. It is claimed that many high-ranking players actually prefer the traditional basis of the OISMCS to the modern approach of the IMCS.


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