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York was the common name given to the Mornington Crescent server run by Rob Bunting, formerly at http://aurora.york.ac.uk. It operated from 1994 (or 1995?) until some time in 1999 (or 2000?).

The site directly spawned Madeira (also known as 'NotYork', or even '!York'), and indirectly MCiOS, when Rob, who was studying high-atmosphere physics, finally finished his degree and left the University of York. The Aurora server also hosted an innovative 'Find the Duck' page and the Shakespearean Insult Server, the latter managing to attract more than a few players to the server in their perambulations around the site.

York's interface was typically simple: a set of C and shell scripts generating unordered-list text pages in 'player: move' format from text files.

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