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The London Underground is divided into six main fare zones, and the cost of tickets varies depending on which zones a traveller's route passes through. These zones are clearly marked on most modern copies of the map.

Historical note: Up until the time of the Chalk Farm '84 ruleset, fare zones were orthogonal to the four quadrants, but by the time the Holland Park 2000 ruleset was released the growing size of the underground network had made the introduction of a fifth quadrant necessary. This means that post-Holland Park 2000, quadrant five now approximately coincides with fare zone one, while quadrants 1–4 have mostly been reinstated to their initial configurations.

Scholars and mathematicians are still evaluating the effects of the overlap between zone one and quadrant five, but it has obvious implications for the ongoing studies on advanced pickerings and for the gradual revival of the ratache and the glide.


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