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Developed by Californian [Carl Fronsky]?, the Fronksy diagram is an attempt to represent the state of a game of MC at any time in graphical form. Previous attempts at doing so had relied very heavily on the use of slide rules, drawing pins, and pieces of string and had not caught on due to the enormous length of time and paper required to draw them. Fronsky's genius was to develop a method which used only a sheet of graph paper and, optionally, a ruler. Fronsky's work was heavily influenced by the mathematical treatments of [Silas Vern]?, and the Vern angle is the basis of every Fronsky diagram.

Without going into too much detail, a Fronsky diagram can be used to either evaluate the current state of play, or to predict the most likely course of events over the next few moves. Fronsky himself proved the worth of his work when he used it famously to beat Ruttsborough in the face of a massive token cascade and a quadruple knid.


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