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The Encyclopaedia has now been locked; contributors must log in to make changes. [more]
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The spam filters worked, but the Encyclopaedia hasn't been able to fight off a strange breed of possibly broken spammer-robot that simply deleted swathes of page content. Since these robots more or less equalled the number of regular contributors the site has seen since its launch, the Wiki has been modified to require visitors to log in before they can make any changes to the Encyclopaedia.

To log in:-

The normal editor password is Ruttsborough's forename, in lower case.

(By the way, for those people with full admin access, the admin password that you received by email also has not changed, and admin access also includes editor access anyway, so you don't even need to work out the editor password above.)

Your username and editing privileges will then be stored in a cookie on your browser - you shouldn't have to log in again on the same machine. Unless, that is, you regularly clear out all your cookies.

(If anyone's having trouble logging in, contact "kevan" at "kevan.org".)

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