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Under some circumstances a player or station may be reflected about a defined plane perpendicular to the manifold, usually one of the diagonals. In extreme cases, the entire map may be reflected. (See reflection mapping). This would reverse several key game parameters, including line velocity, spin and the chirality of all stations. This is a rather drastic way of escaping from a loop, and can be also be used offensively to force careless opponent(s) into a loop.

A less wide-reaching use of reflection is when a player cuts a diagonal and then rebounds off it, thereby altering the direction of line velocity by 45-165° (typically) at a greatly reduced token cost. Note that in order to exactly reverse line velocity (180°) it is necessary to reflect off a lateral or a parallel. This manœuvre is also known as a rebound.

With care, it is also possible to reflect off a zone boundary or a line terminus. Failing to execute the latter manœuvre correctly is likely to result in serious consequences, possibly even including a derailment or worse.


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