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[Ernst Snerge]?, a student of Beck at the Copenhagen Institute, was a practical theoretician specialising in move success probability. The development of the Snerge Coefficient in 1980 led, indirectly, to the [Chalk Farm '83]? revisional ruleset. In its simplest form, the Coefficient may be thought of as a complement to a move's Hughes Difficulty Rating. However, the Snerge Coefficient of a move refers to its inherent stupidity. Taking ranges between 0 and 1, a move with a high Snerge Coefficient (0.8 or above) is usually suicidal in terms of that player executing a winning endgame. The '83 revisions came about after it was discovered that, due to grid alignments, all moves to and from [Chalk Farm]? had a Snerge Coefficient of exactly 1.


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