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A very singular solitary man from a Russian league who just went by the name "The Hyena"?

His moves were fluidly bird like and his knowledge of the Westhampnett divisional sub league head to head rules were, let's just say, very good indeed. He could also field strip an M61 HMG in mere seconds. It was questioned how he knew these things. Upon questioning, he said nothing and failed to show up again. The club secretary also failed to 'completely' show up again.

Research shows that a character who played 'very much' like "The Hyena" once almost had a game with Charles de Gaul, but la Sécurité Extérieure interdicted in the 'knip' of time, and the challenge never happened. It is said that the player was hired by some outside body to lure CdeG into a Dollis Loop, and then hit him with a reversal and play a blitz MC, thus winning the match and undermining CdeG and his authority.

Edward Perlman is often thought to be The Hyena, as certain evidence points that way. Perlman vanished around the same time that The Hyena came to surface.

A translated copy of The MC Intelligencer, published quarterly in the city of Dalandzadgad, gave this information: first a box score: MC Results: TH - +0 +8 +6 KJ - +12 +4 +6 Winner KJ in 6:45:32 And then this: First ever ?Phone Match? played yesterday. In an unprecedented move, the MDL has allowed the scores to stand from yesterdays ?phone match? between two men calling themselves only ?TH? & ?KJ?. It has long been speculated on the identity of our very own TH as he has a very distinct playing style and was previously unbeaten in MDL play. However this KJ is a total unknown and soundly handled almost everything thrown his way. KJ's only weakness appeared to be a mid game fault in his defense that allowed TH to take that round but KJ's opening and closing was too strong to be overcome and he eventually walked or should we say "hung up" with the win. I believe that we can confirm the identity of TH as The Hyena, or Perlman. But an even bigger mystery is this KJ, this next bit may be a tad shocking so have a seat: I believe that KJ is the one and only Kennedy Johnstone, the first player to ever escape double knip @ dollis hill, and thought by many to be trained in captivity by Mrs. Trellis for the sole purpose of so soundly beating the current champion that an entire new ruleset could finally be agreed upon. Alas it was not in the cards so to speak, as Johnstone cracked under the strain of a match with Vincent Botham and was last seen skipping thru the streets of Stockholm whistling "Achilles' last stand". KJ was no longer an MC threat, but The Hyena had taken a Mrs Trellis trained player out, such is his skill.

This only added to the confussion as to who? and why? The Hyena was.

The trail lead to what is commonly known as "The urban myth of Beigewood72".

(B72) arose when (allegedly) B72 trained some people under the project name of 'Medha'. The people chosen to train were people who had been deeply effected by the mass move of people from physical games to computer games. They were trained in the skills of psychology, electronics, unarmed combat, armed combat, gamer slang and were to be crack console gamers (to get them into the correct circles). They were also to be beyond encyclopaedic ability in the game of MC.

The idea was that they would penetrate console gamers lives, and once in, they would disable the console/mainframe/server and suggest a quick game of MC whilst things were fixed. They would play several simple rounds of a speed mc game (see the need for a key speed player?!), which would gain the interest of the targets, and then give them some sound thrashings. After losing, the need to win would make the target want to play a rematch of speed mc, but the Medhan would lure them into a long game and get them hooked.

With such a game as MC countering the electronic games explosion, the only thing that could happen was the reduction of electronic games due to sales drop off, and then introduce MC like electronic games to the market to win back the Medha's victims. Unfortunately the game of MC started to appear online, and Medha victims could use a PC to play...and slowly get drawn back to electronic gaming of other sorts. B72 and the Medha were said to have been disavowed. There have been rumours and tales, but the Government deny any knowledge of B72 or the Medhas.

It is assumed that Perlman was one of these trained MC Medhas, but somewhere along the line something went wrong. Perlman was involved in an accident and never resurfaced. The Hyena appeared shortly after Perlman vanished and seemed to follow the modus operandum of MC play set by B72, but B72 did not have any contact or control of him.

The Hyena is still at large, and a danger to any gamers not respecting MC.


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