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In business since 1927, Corner and Side are the best known manufacturers of IMCS approved tokens. While the bulk of their business is dealt with in the creation of plastic tokens for general use, which are brought into being at their factory in Basingstoke, they still keep a special outlet in Hatton Garden which deals with the design and construction of bespoke tokens for the discerning player. The business is currently under the control of Matthew Side, grandson of the original Cuthbert Side, co-founder of the shop. The Corner family no longer have a stake in the business after a mutually agreed buyout by the Sides in 1972.

It is possible to know exactly how many tokens of different designs have been created by the company since its inception, as the masters of every single design are kept in a climate controlled vault at the factory. A study of the ledgers shows that tokens have been created for such eminent players as Ruttsborough (who ordered them armoured and with spikes), Xavier (who favoured a fluted design with a small tail so that he could move stacks more easily) and of course several hundred sets for Mrs Trellis.

Corner & Side are probably the leading bespoke token manufacturers in the world. While rivalled for size by the MC division of Tiffany's in New York and Murgatroyd's of South Africa, no other token manufacturer can claim the double whammy of being both in the heart of London and the choice of 90% of the world class players. The company has an on-line shop at [cornerandside.co.uk].


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