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One of the more extremist factions allegedly within CAMREC - though that organisation never acknowledged their existence, they did not expel the members either: composed of a generation even younger than the reformists of 1976, and opposed to their more moderate leadership style. The Quadranters were allegedly formed after the release of the Finsbury Option Amendments of 1988, and with the explicit manifesto of rejecting these amendments: their name stems from the creation, postulated as part of Finsbury, of Quadrant Five as a symbol for all that CAMREC despised about the ruleset - not for the first time in history, a pressure group that could only define itself by what it was against - in this case the logical semantic inconsistency of having five divisions called "Quadrants" (despite the practical use of the division.)

When the Holland Park 2000 ruleset was released, the 5th Quadranters were officially disbanded on the grounds that the offensive feature had been removed from the game, at least in its unacceptable form (along with about a third of the rest of the Finsbury Amendments: though the actual Finsbury Option itself, which gave the Amendments their name but formed only a minor part of them, was kept.)

Rumours that a few of the former Quadranters have banded together, allied with the remnant of the discredited CAMREC "old guard" of the 1960s, and infiltrated the IMCS to sabotage the discussions of revisions and updates to HP2000 and thus the credibility of the IMCS (widely perceived as the victors in the disputes), by introducing errors into the final typesetting and turning an "official blind eye" to logical inconsistencies, have been explicitly denied. (Despite the re-emergence, after the second set of amendments, of the notorious Mornington Crescent Loop - hastily re-disabled in the third set of amendments, barely a week later.)


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