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The most succesful and widely accepted of the amendments to the Chalk Farm '84 ruleset, bringing in (among other things) the existence of [Quadrant 5]? to hold the Jubilee extension and Docklands lines. There was talk of making this amendment part of the official rules, and the main argument against it is the semantic problem of having 5 Quadrants (of course we all know what "quadrant" means.)

For that reason alone, it was superseded eventually when a new ruleset came out, a couple of years after the Jubilee extension opened properly. The actual "Finsbury Option" which gave its name to the Amendments, despite forming only a minor part of them, was accepted (on the grounds that it was a simple and effective piece of praiseworthy good sense), although the Five Quadrants question required an entirely different answer to be acceptable to at least the moderate wing of CAMREC.


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