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Also known as Ravenblack,as in Lucas Raven Black. He has an active blog (http://www.myspace.com/ravenblack1973) with plenty of links to other blogs,Pave related items and of course, MC.

He was born, which will not come as a surprise to anyone, but upon which planet has been greatly debated.

Outside of work....and Mornington Cresent... Pave has tried his hand at many different things (ah yes...regrets-he's had a few of those y'know....), the list still grows, but so far he has notched up.............

........Competition Rifle shooting (Still doing that...with Olympic and Commonwealth dreams), Skydiving, Flying, Philosophy, tai chi, sword fighting, stand up comedy, blues musician (blues harp), motorbike drag racing, motorbike rallies (HA and Outcast plus many more), run a London music venue, run a music management group, assisted many bands, befriended several famous people (but don't like to name drop), spoken word (humourous and serious observational talk on stage), written and presented poetry (mainly gothic or dark), changed his name, traipsed through several religions in search of enlightenment, only to realise that the ideas behind religion are ruined by the people following or leading the religion (maybe more on that later), played flute (toured Europe), has had black hair, red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, white hair, no hair, done Latin American dance, Worked overseas in aircraft engineering (and earnt beer money by singing and playing his blues harp), airfield fireman, supernatural investigations and research, gliding, motorbike stunts, quality engineering, novel writing, several relationships (and only one who hasn't remained a friend...good score!), horse riding and jumping, hovercraft, built custom motorbikes, computers, been many peoples shoulder to lean on, and as he was younger once he did 'partake' in music festivals (no more though). He has been the life and soul of the party, but also has been a loner walking the night streets....

....so far, the Cresent keeps him sane...he can't help it but...he says he must get the Diamond Pro-League Pinocchio Cup before his dying day.....Which could take a while, as he is an immortal and everlastingly good looking and very modest....Did you know that he invented oranges and electricity?

The Lockisseum Doubles match is his next aim...after a few suggestions, it looks as if this may be the way forward.

......He has done a lot so far, and no where near finished yet. Life is for living, so live it, and he is living it now with his wife Chris(tine), and starting a family.

Here's to Pave, and as he would say, Here's to learning from the past, and living for the future........

Get him on ravenblack1973@hotmail.com, or at one of his blog sites http://www.myspace.com/ravenblack1973

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