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Imelda Rotherington was unusual in being a noted feminist activist as well as a keen Mornington Crescent Player. By applying her post-structuralist anti-patriarchal feminism to the (at the time) entirely male-orientated Finsbury Park ruleset, she pioneered a non-linear approach to competive play. Her most notable publications included "The phallic symbolism of the Northen Line Shunt" (1968), "Male domination fantasies in Mornington Crescent endplay"(1970) and "Men can't make proper use of the Bakerloo line" (also 1970). All these, and her many other works are out of print, with the exception of "You Sexist Scumbag" (1977) her account of the now ledgendary Rotherington vs Ruttsborough game in Ealing in the February of that year. (An account purporting to be by Ruttsborough, entitled "Put the kettle on luv, leave the serious play to us men, my dear" - now believed to be a forgery, as sexism was not generally believed to be among Ruttsborough's faults - was sadly banned by Mrs. Trellis)


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