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[Ernst Snerge]?, a student of Beck at the Copenhagen Institute, was a practical theoretician specialising in move success probability. The development of the Snerge Coefficient in 1980 led, indirectly, to the Chalk Farm '83 revisional ruleset. In its simplest form, Snerge may be thought of as a complement to a move's Hughes Difficulty Rating. However, the Snerge Coefficient of a move refers to its inherent stupidity. Taking ranges between 0 and 1, a move with a high Snerge Coefficient (0.8 or above) is usually suicidal in terms of that player executing a winning endgame. The '83 revisions came about after it was discovered that, due to grid alignments, all moves to and from Chalk Farm had a Snerge Coefficient of exactly 1.


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