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Categories: [A to Z]], MC on the Net
Categories: A to Z, MC on the Net

Monochrome BBS (Mono to its friends) is a longstanding system founded by student communities in the early 90s. Although the user-base has dwindled over recent years, there is still a hard core of users willing to use the now dated, but still very logical telnet interface. Unfortunately this has led to a lower influx of new users for the past ten years or so and a steady stream of users leaving the system means that it is now a shadow of the hive of activity and information it once was, but it remains an excellent place to keep in touch with friends, former students and technical experts without any dangers of spam or viruses.

Mornington Crescent is still played on Mono and even has its own menu, which is located at <RGM> from the main page.

There is also a good I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue section with several long running games in a similar vein to those seen at the various online sites. This is found at <RGWI> from the main menu.

To find out more about Mono, point your web browser at http://www.mono.org, or telnet to proton.mono.org or tachyon.mono.org, login first as "mono", then as "guest" to have a look around. Details on full (free) membership are on mono.org.

(mwp, july 2007)

Categories: A to Z, MC on the Net

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