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Not to be confused with the appalling Ramsay Street, the game of Baker Street is a simplified version of Mornington Crescent. While aimed primarily at beginners, Baker Street is much appreciated by players of all levels for its speed and playability. The game is played on a simple two-intersection layout incorporating the four magenta stations: West Ham, Hammersmith, Covent Garden and Baker Street. A full diagonal restriction applies to two-level shunts, so these stations are obviously the only legal moves. The winning player is the first to get to Baker Street. This variant of the game can in fact be very challenging, especially with a large number of players, but is also very simple indeed for beginners to understand.

Since the construction of the Jubilee Line Extension and the release of the Holland Park 2000 ruleset, there is now a fifth magenta station in the game: North Greenwich. Following heated discussions, weighting and Spin coefficients of the other stations were altered to fit this in. Many people, however, still prefer to play under the traditional pre-2000 rules with just the four stations.


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