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MCiOS is the acronymic representation of "Mornington Crescent in Outer Space", the title of the MC server run by Dan at http://parslow.com/mornington/. It is a semi-direct descendant of York - work on it started shortly after [Rob Bunting]? announced that he was leaving the University of York and hence The Game of Mornington Crescent at York would be shutting down.

The layout of MCiOS is similar to York - plain unordered-list text in 'player: move' format; but several innovations that first appeared here have become common currency across the Morniverse; pre-coloured names, move preview, move permalinking, the ability to step from one game to the next, and so forth. There is also a [live chat server] with an embedded Flash-based client, a hitherto undocumented HTML-style <HIDE> tag, a bad advice server, and a few other minor enhancements. The code itself, Dan insists, is quite horrible, for reasons identical to those given by Yoz? with reference to Delphi.

Other names the site has been known by include 'Outer Space', 'Parslow.com', 'Dan's Server' and, infrequently, 'Eighth Dimension'. (For a brief time the server was named Mornington Crescent Across The Eighth Dimension, for no very compelling reason.)

To use <hide> tags, enclose the text you wish to conceal within a pair of tags <HIDE>thus</HIDE>, and when the page is submitted the hidden text will be concealed behind a clickable (or hoverable) in-line icon. Novices should note that this is a custom feature of Parslow.com, not standard HTML. It requires JavaScript to work correctly. Note also that while it works admirably to hide stuff from human viewers, it has no effect at all on web-page-scanning robots, so don't try to use it to conceal user names or passwords.

The analog clock on the front page displays server time (or more to the point, Mornington Crescent station time) rather than the user's local time, on the principle that it's not the site's job to tell the user what time his computer thinks it is, but rather to provide common reference time for determining the age of postings.

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