All Known Objects
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Key :

Faithful Pet is a sidekick with 15 HP.
Add X to your Defence each round, where X is the amount of Energy that opponents are spending on anything other than Attack or Defence.
Double Sword of Slicing's Power Strength and add it to each Attack you make.
Spend 40: Gain an Object at random from the online archive.
Choose an Object when you bid for this. That Object is discarded with no effect; the Adventurer who won it must still pay the bid price.
Spend 10: Randomly select a Potion from the online archive (other than this one), and take its effects. Use once per game.
Nymph starts with 20 HP. If she damages an opponent, you may steal an Object from that opponent.
Ogre starts with 50 HP. Each round, he will split his Attack between any Adventurers who Attacked him last round; if none Attacked, he will defend at maximum. If Ogre dies and only one Adventurer Attacked him that round, that Adventurer gains (and may discard) a random non-Sidekick Object from the archive.
Whenever you take damage, subtract 5 from it.
Use once per game: Gain 40 HP (to a maximum of 100 HP).
Spend 10: You may not be Attacked during the next two rounds after this one. Use once per game.
Use once per game: Your opponent must allocate the same (or less) HP to Attack and Defence, next round.
Toss a coin when you win this Object, to see if it's cursed. If heads, you get +20 to all Attacks. If tails, you get -20. You cannot discard this Object when you win it.
You may nominate one Attack per round as a Vorpal Attack. If a Vorpal Attack reduces an Adventurer to 20 HP or below, it deals an extra 20 damage.
Spend 10: Remove a Sidekick or non-Sidekick Object from the game, and replace it with another of the same type, chosen randomly from the archive.
Spend 30, once per game: Either gain an Object of your choice from the online archive, or restore your HP to 100.
Spend 5 Energy. Add Demon Shield's Strength to your Defense. Demon Shield's cost doubles each consecutive Round.
Burn 10. All your Attacks this round are +10 and Unblockable by normal Defense.
Any character who Attacks you has their Defense reduced to 0 for that Round.
+10 to your Attacks. You gain HP equal to 1/2 any Damage you inflict with normal Attacks, rounded down. At the end of any Round during which you inflicted no Damage with normal Attacks, lose 10 HP.
Spend 3X to Attack all enemies for 2X and deal X unblockable damage to one target.

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