All Known Systems
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Key :

If an opponent runs out of Energy in the same turn you Attacked them, gain their Systems.
Spend X: All Attacks against you this round are reduced by X/2.
Spend X, where X this System's Power Strength: On your next turn, you may add X to your Attack. Cannot be used two turns in a row.
If you are reduced to 0 Energy, at the beginning of the next round, destroy this System and set your Energy to 30.
At the end of turn, steal 5 Energy from each opponent. This System is effective even below 0 Energy.
Add X to your Shields, each turn. X starts at zero and increases by 5 at the end of any turn in which you sustained damage.
When you win this System, you may buy copies of any of the other Systems on the table, by paying their Power Strength.
Spend 20 and Burn 5: You may not be Attacked next round.
If you've not been eliminated by the end of the tenth round, you win the game.
Pick an opponent, after Systems have been assigned. Halve all Attacks from that Opponent that target you.
Use once per game: You can survive going below zero Energy this round. At the end of the round, lose all of your Systems and continue play with 20 Energy.
Spend 10: Put a 5-Energy sidekick craft into play.
Burn 5 and nominate a System: That System cannot be used next round.
You may never sustain damage except through Burning, but you lose 5 Energy at the end of every round.
Burn 5: Enter or leave Hyperspace, at the end of the round. Whilst in Hyperspace, you cannot be targetted by anything, nor target anything. Ships in Hyperspace are treated as "eliminated" when checking for game winners.
Spend 10: At the end of the round, if you survive, set your Energy to a random value between zero and 100.
Meteor Storm makes a 10-damage Attack against a random Ship, during each Resolution Phase.
At the end of any round, you may jettison a System to prevent all damage that was dealt to your Ship during that round.
Spend 10, no more than once per round: Neutron Bomb deals 50 Damage to all players (as if Attacking), next round.
Spend 10: Make a separate strength-20 Attack. You may not use this System if you used it in the previous round, and not more than three times per round.
Energy costs to use your ship's Systems are halved (rounding up).
Use once per game: Deal 500 damage to all ships that Attacked yours this turn, and to your own ship.
Spend 20: A chosen opponent's Attack must be at least 10 lower next round than it was during this. If their Attack was below 10, it must be zero next round.
Spend X: no System with Power Strength lower than X, except this one, is effective this round.
Throw X crew members into the furnace to gain a 3X bonus to all Attacks next round. The total crew expendable in this manner equals this System's System Strength.
Opponents Attacking you must define their Attack as White or Black. Set your Defense against White and Black Attacks separately. Your Defense is doubled.

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