Scrabble Capital

British towns and villages ranked in order of Scrabble word score
Friday the 8th of December 2017

In response to Brett Smitheram's call to make Croydon the "Scrabble capital" of the United Kingdom, an attempt to calculate the current Scrabble capital of the United Kingdom, on the basis of highest word score. The attempt proves inconclusive.

(The rankings below include everything from this list which scores 30 points or higher, omitting anything with spaces or hyphens. And yes, Llanfair­pwllgwyn­gyllgoger­ychwyrn­drobwll­llantysilio­gogogoch would score 110, but doesn't fit on a Scrabble board.)

36 points

35 points

34 points

33 points

32 points

31 points

30 points