The Smaller Picture

  X    X XXX X  XX  
  X   X   X XXXX  XX
X  X  XXX  X   X X X
X     XXX X   X  XX 
 X  X    X X   XX   
XX        XXXX  XX  
XX X          XXXXX 
X  X  X XXX X   XXX 
X  XX   X  X  X   XX
   X    X  X X   X  
 X  XXX  X   XXX  XX
XX    X X   XX X XXX
The collective consciousness was attempting to create a human head.

This is frame 1. >>

New pictures being created :
cat bird sword castle sofa apple

Previous pictures :
spider anything lamp goat cup banana spiral boat wineglass stick person circle question mark heart bee arrow map of the world face monster house flag chair landscape telephone umbrella star flower Great Britain computer bucket letter fish anything car word tree television

Created by Kevan Davis in July 2002, based on Kevin Kelly's account of hive-mind audience emergence.
Each picture starts from a randomised grid. There have been 2 flips to this one, so far.
See also: the official Typophile Font spinoff and Tom Rankin's filtering of it.

Other people have built much better emergent art projects
since this went live in 2002, most notably Swarm Sketch, Pixelfest and TheBroth.