Saturday  the Fifth of July, 2003

Tracking down a picture of the Hartwig chess set that was mentioned in the Grauniad as having each piece embody its method of movement, I'm flippantly disappointed. The knights are good, though. Comments? ]
EasyWeighs are gloriously low-tech devices for weighing letters and parcels - plastic bridges that deform under specific pressures, or simple cardboard seesaws that tilt over if you try to put a 25g envelope in the 20g slot. If you're in the UK, you can get a Royal-Mail-branded EasyWeigh sent to you for free. Comments? ]

Passing Frenzies: Thief II - BlogNomic - IFComp 2003 - 26 Things

 Friday  the Fourth

Actually, I've been intrigued for a while by the thought of what unique identifiers I might have in other people's minds, compared to the other people in those minds. What am I that nobody else is, to you? What do I do that you aren't aware of anyone else doing? Leave a comment. Nothing deep or meaningful; I'd just be interested to see what the trivial detritus would accumulate into. Comments? ]
For anyone else who missed it, there's a giant mass of squid-like flesh washed up on a Chilean beach at the moment (more photos here); scientists are still undecided as to whether it's a new species, a mutilated giant squid, a whale skin, or insert your own blasé Cthulhian reference here. It's definitely all leading somewhere. [via Sans Sheriff] Comments? ]

 Thursday  the Third

I've typed up that Thing-based card game I mentioned the other day, structuring it a little more tightly in the process. Absolutely no idea how it plays, as I haven't had enough people in one room to inflict it on, but it feels sufficiently balanced, in a weird sort of way.

A naggingly parasitic tangent: that a Thing-based variant of Killer would be magnificent - drawing secret straws to determine the identity of the initial Thing, then allowing them to infect other players through some suitably odd ritual, such as clamping their hand on the top of the victim's head for thirty seconds (the victim being unable to speak or move for the duration, and becoming a Thing if it's not rescued before the time is up). Players can kill anyone anywhen in the traditional manner; the humans lose points for killing their own, the Things lose points for the same, for being insufficiently gestalt about their world domination. Continue until one side is confident enough to prove that it's wiped out the other.

Bit of a drawback in the fact that, in most cases, players will be able to roam around large areas over several days, making it harder to keep track of who was alone with who, but it could be balanced (and made more entertaining) by having the initial Thing decide on an alien quirk which all Things must perform (such as keeping their little fingers rigid, or refusing to drink anything except water), explaining it to victims as part of the infection procedure.

It's interesting how the goals and allegiances flip (and this goes for the card game as much as Killer) - that a player who was intensely paranoid about being infected would change their goals completely if they did become infected, making it very difficult (impossible?) for them to agree any sort of "If X happens, you'll know I'm infected" safety measures. Comments? ]

 Tuesday  the First

Less than three quarters of an hour into writing The Dossier Sexupifier, I realised that it's equally entertaining just to append the phrase within 45 minutes to every sentence of a given piece of text. Within 45 minutes. Comments? ]
Convergent, shapeshifting evolution strikes again; someone else was evidently struck, after watching the film of The Thing, that it'd make a good, simple, paranoid card game. With a standard deck of playing cards. With suit colours representing a player's Thingness. And flamethrower cards to keep them in check. Maybe it's more obvious than I thought.

Hard to guess how their one plays out, but the game mechanics seem nicely original and dramatic, lending themselves to a decent amount of bluff and panic and misguidance. It's odd that infection is random, though, rather than being spread intentionally and then (with varying degrees of accuracy and paranoia) inferred by the other players. Maybe I'll write my version up after all. Comments? ]
The 26 Things are up, and are significantly less interesting than I was hoping they'd be (but I'll have a go anyway):- "love, you, food, new, animal, scape, sound, construction, home, time, transport, light, water, colour, signage, numbers, authority, symmetry, empty, a sunset, weather, communication, little things, footwear, money, monument" Comments? ]


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