Saturday  the Twentieth of September, 2003

"Also, claiming I was interpreting abstract criticism as a personal attack seems to be a personal attack in itself."
BlogNomic has just burnt through its shortest Dynasty to date, when a newly-appointed and somewhat paranoid Emperor managed to anger the masses through consistently heavy-handed use of his Imperial Veto, and refused to back down. A Flashmob assassination plan was drawn up (the core bloc of malcontents logging on at a specific time to propose a revolution, and vote it through to quorum before the Emperor could do anything), but in the end we just exploited a loophole in judgment-calling and booted him out. Insane dictatorship is fairly doomed, when your oppressed masses can just choose to stop playing.

The Nomic has now rebooted to its core ruleset, anyway, and is reforming into what looks like being a Robot-themed game ("Replace 'Citizen' with 'Robot'") - we've also dropped the requirement for players to own their own weblog, if any lurkers want to drop from the ceiling at this point. Comments? ]

Passing Frenzies: Thief II - Kaleidoscope

 Friday  the Nineteenth

Oh dear, those dead giant squid may actually have been killed by some shockwave sonar mapping in the vicinity. And elsewhere in the world, other scientists are attempting to use pheromones to attract migrating squid, ostensibly to capture them on film for the first time. This is obviously all a big trap. Comments? ]
Terrible but unshakable analogy: music file-sharing software as a parrot on the shoulder. Comments? ]

 Wednesday  the Seventeenth

"Surely if a machine is able to reproduce another machine systematically, we may say that it has a reproductive system. What is a reproductive system, if it be not a system for reproduction? And how few of the machines are there which have not been produced systematically by other machines? But it is man that makes them do so. Yes; but is it not insects that make many of the plants reproductive, and would not whole families of plants die out if their fertilisation was not effected by a class of agents utterly foreign to themselves? Does anyone say that the red clover has no reproductive system because the humble bee (and the humble bee only) must aid and abet it before it can reproduce?"
The Book of the Machines from Erewhon; a startlingly prescient view of machinery memes. Humanity as gut flora. Comments? ]

 Tuesday  the Sixteenth

Disappointment: global warming may now be killing giant squid, rather than aiding their biomass domination. (Rather prematurely, Reuters then goes on to describe giant squid as "mythical".) Comments? ]
Attack of the vaguely-attributed science meme; "aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy", anagrams of words which keep the first and last letters intact are still surprisingly easy for the human brain to parse. Of course, the quoted paragraph has been written with some care (genuinely randomised text is rather more toothsome), and the process is heavily dependent on predictable context, but it's still quite a revelation. Be interesting to know if there actually was any rscheearch. And whether it can improve my Scrabble backhand.

Somewhere along the line, someone decided to mutate the text for their own purposes, making it easier to track and source the meme's distribution; if everyone did this every time they quoted something online, it'd become possible to derive hazy ancestry for a piece of text (but simultaneously quite hard to find all the copies of it).

I think I might have to put some junk-DNA hidden-variables in my next viral web toy. Comments? ]

 Monday  the Fifteenth

Good state of Bayesian filtering address, in the ongoing war against spam - the hopeless monstering of killer subject lines and the rise of modest, self-defeating "spam of the future".

My own internal filters are kicking in - typing up a database structure from a printout, earlier, my eyes kept skipping past lines beginning with "Enlargement" because they were spam. Comments? ]


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