Friday  the Sixteenth of May, 2003

"Caution: Please escape from this page before you feel sick. Please do not copy and show these figures to other people. Please do not make a direct link to this page. Note that these figures may cause at least vection (induced motion perception in the equilibrium sense)."
And you will die after seven days. Just one dangerous picture in a fantastic gallery of beautiful, brain-killing optical illusions. Particularly likely to induce impressed, low-grade nausea are Swirls and Convection. Mr Kitaoka really should start up a Cafepress franchise, and conquer the world. [via Joh] Comments? ]
This is probably what I deserve for doing my periodic "squid" search on Google news, but "Squid Run Raises a Squawk at Harbor" seems to have been written in the style of a dialogue-heavy children's story book, and carries some very sinister Lovecraftian undertones - five local councillors standing around on a moonlit squid-teeming dock, debating whether the town would be liable for unwelcome out-of-towners "falling in because the lights are out". (And surely "Sakonnet" is some sort of Egyptian demigod?)

"By the time the town figures out what to do, the squid and their pursuers will be long gone." Comments? ]
Something to investigate; CCG Workshop is an online card-game engine that has thoroughly flagrant support for a lot of scanned-in "legacy" card games, including the mighty NetRunner and the intriguingly inconspicuous Judge Dredd CCG. Might be good for Dvorak and random card-game kicking around, as well, if it's configurable. But then, so might Thoth and GCCG; I should get around to trying them all out, rather than just being absently impressed by their screenshots. Comments? ]

Passing Frenzies: Thief II - Button Men - BlogNomic - Gridcosm - Robo Runner

 Wednesday  the Fourteenth

A fantastic piece of real-world Nomic-scam thinking; fifty-one Texan Democrats ran away to a neighbouring state when faced with an unfair Republican-biased proposal, so that it couldn't reach quorum. [via Projoy@MCiOS] Comments? ]
"We have enough material from the original buildings which have been salvaged, enough drawings and plans to make it work. It's all in storage near here.'' He adds ominously: "But after what's happened I'm not going to tell you where it is."
Oh, the West Pier burnt down again over the weekend, twice. I got some photos after the initial fire, in the rain on Sunday afternoon, but they weren't really that distinguishable from the previous ones. The Argus has some excellent pictures from Sunday night and Monday afternoon, though, including a broken ticket booth washing up on the beach, and the rather nice-looking charred metal skeleton of the ballroom. Comments? ]

 Tuesday  the Thirteenth

"Refined competency requires too much effort and has little attraction. It would require practice and that usually bores an INTP. Hence, it is common to see INTPs dabbling at many things, achieving competency, just enough to prove to themselves that they could become more proficient if they wished, but rarely actually bothering to refine their skills further."
This profile of the INTP personality type reads like an eerily precise dossier and user manual ("The best way to get an INTP to do something is...") - it's actually a lot more accurate than I'd have expected a 16-personality-type breakdown to be, right down to musical tastes and cynical film-viewing habits.

I'm still an INTP this morning, apparently, and spurious scientific upheavals aside, would hope to remain so. [via Ben] Comments? ]

 Monday  the Twelfth

"Subject: secundaveramus melodietje kevan zaleska" - I know I'm just caught in the crossfire of a war between spammers and Bayesian spam filters, but the filler words are feeling more and more cabalistic and sinister. I haven't even started writing the online script version of Abulafia yet - I've been putting it off because somebody else must surely have thought of it, but maybe they have, and they've been killed off by Templar spammers. If I die in mysterious circumstances this week, you know where to start. Comments? ]


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