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id:37463 The Toxic Rise of Toxic Positivity - Dean Burnett - The Cosmic Shambles Network
id:37464 Ian's Shoelace Site Pentagram Lacing


id:37462 Chess's cheating crisis: 'paranoia has become the culture' | Sport | The Guardian


id:37460 Make-Me-Better Mug, 15p [A Year In 120 Recipes] Jack Monroe
id:37461 Tofu Noodle Broth | Vegan Recipes | Veganuary


id:37455 WolframTones
id:37456 Maxit |
id:37457 The extraordinary, untold story of the world's weirdest record label - BBC Music
id:37458 Mario Kart music now popular with teens doing last-minute homework - Polygon
id:37459 Ninety-Nine: an original card game


id:37454 Codenames - Play with your Friends Online


id:37449 Using Game Design to Make Virtual Events More Social - DEV
id:37450 Name our lanes Possible
id:37451 Dawn Foster | Whos watching? LRB 22 October 2020
id:37452 European farmers lose attempt to ban terms such as veggie burger | World news | The Guardian
id:37453 How Nespressos Coffee Revolution Got Ground Down


id:37448 Wingsong on the AppStore


id:37441 Photophone - Wikipedia
id:37442 BBC - Travel - The UKs rumoured subterranean network
id:37443 Computer Scientists Break Traveling Salesperson Record | Quanta Magazine
id:37444 Tom Phillips RA | A HUMUMENT P.224: | Summer Exhibition Explorer 2020
id:37445 Covid-19s known unknowns | The BMJ
id:37446 In Event of Moon Disaster
id:37447 Inside the strange new world of being a deepfake actor | MIT Technology Review


id:37440 Im Looking For Contours of Tension Within the Landscape - ArtReview


id:37437 Tabletopia - Gold - free for 7 days | BoardGameGeek
id:37438 UK bans any use of mobile phones while driving | Mobile phones | The Guardian
id:37439 On my radar: John Cooper Clarke's cultural highlights | Culture | The Guardian


id:37436 Newspaper Articles by Mark Twain podcast | Fourble


id:37430 'Jet fighter' godwit breaks world record for non-stop bird flight | Birds | The Guardian
id:37431 Homescapes and Gardenscapes ads banned as misleading - BBC News
id:37432 European Spreadsheet Risks Interest Group - spreadsheet risk management and solutions conference
id:37433 Fish eggs can hatch after being eaten and pooped out by ducks | Science News
id:37434 Face (sociological concept) - Wikipedia
id:37435 Amazon Offers New Blank Box Upcharge For Progressive Members To Discreetly Receive Prime Orders


id:37426 Play The Lost Words Online | Tabletopia
id:37427 The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2020 - Popular science background - popular-economicsciencesprize2020.pdf
id:37428 Why Play BlogNomic - BlogNomic Wiki
id:37429 Raines law - Wikipedia


id:37425 Baboons discover new citrus fruit in W.Cape


id:37423 Astronomical unit - Wikipedia
id:37424 Game Example: Askim


id:37421 Giant refugee puppet to walk from Syria to UK in public art event | World news | The Guardian
id:37422 Aha! The Oral History of Alan Partridge


id:37417 All Fives: Rules of the domino game
id:37418 Thinking Two Horizons Out: Sly Flourish
id:37419 roc_training_1989.pdf
id:37420 Brian Eno is MORE DARK THAN SHARK


id:37415 One guy pulled a crowbar on me: why fly-tipping wars are raging across Britain | Waste | The Guardian
id:37416 Defining the problem of elevator waiting times Signal v. Noise


id:37411 The Power of Music: Brian Eno and David Mitchell in conversation - The British Library
id:37412 The Problem with the Inconsequential Quest Hot Pod News
id:37413 Wingspan Oceania Expansion Stonemaier Games
id:37414 Can You Imagine That? podcast | Fourble


id:37407 Hollywood Refusing To Give Public Any New Movies Until It Can Appreciate Ones It Already Has
id:37408 How Excel may have caused loss of 16,000 Covid tests in England | Health policy | The Guardian
id:37409 London murders: a predictable pattern? - Spiegelhalter - 2009 - Significance - Wiley Online Library


id:37405 Commons Twitter account banned from tweeting vote results | House of Commons | The Guardian
id:37406 The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine | Image | BoardGameGeek


id:37402 Germans embrace fresh air to ward off coronavirus | World news | The Guardian
id:37403 The Curious History of Steam Heat and Pandemics - Bloomberg
id:37404 Festive Corn Maze Misread By Aliens As Declaration Of Intergalactic War


id:2020 - Colleges adapt to tech-savvy new students