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id:36729 Can anyone 'own' the Moon? - BBC News
id:36730 Musical tower to replace the Museum of London IanVisits


id:36726 How the Marber grid was made | Penguin Series Design
id:36727 Benjamin Zephaniahs vegan taste test | Food | The Guardian
id:36728 From WhatsApp to Alexa : why the ad-free era is over | Technology | The Guardian


id:36725 - Solve a Puzzle


id:36720 18 euphemisms for "I haven't a f*cking clue" that make ignorance seem really intelligent The Poke
id:36721 Hex: A Strategy Guide
id:36722 This mystery writers' prank would make an incredible sociological experiment
id:36723 Umberto Ecos Antilibrary: Why Unread Books Are More Valuable to Our Lives than Read Ones Brain Pickings
id:36724 Cryptogram Corner


id:36716 I Got My Plots in the Tub, the Old-Fashioned, Rim Kind Just Sitting There Thinking, Undisturbed, and Lining the Rim with Apple Cores Quote Investigator
id:36717 Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug - Present Indicative
id:36718 Insect collapse: We are destroying our life support systems | Environment | The Guardian
id:36719 Salt caverns double as UK gas stores to beat cold snaps | Business | The Guardian


id:36715 The Poor Man of Nippur - World's first film in Babylonian - YouTube


id:36712 German train-delay scarf set to fetch up to 4,000 on eBay | World news | The Guardian
id:36713 SunsetWx
id:36714 How Not to Be Stupid


id:36709 Alien theories understandable after mysterious signals, say scientists | Science | The Guardian
id:36710 England Wants You to Camp in Abandoned Medieval Churches
id:36711 Its Raining Spiders in Brazil | Science | Smithsonian


id:36706 The Woman With Lapis Lazuli in Her Teeth - The Atlantic
id:36707 Street art: the mosaic maker who turns potholes into pictures | Cities | The Guardian
id:36708 Controlling another player - MTG Wiki


id:36705 Monster fatberg found blocking Sidmouth sewer - BBC News


id:36702 How one woman's closet became an art sensation | Global | The Guardian
id:36703 14 brilliantly literal Welsh names for animals that say exactly what they mean - Wales Online
id:36704 Half-baked: what Greggs vegan sausage roll says about Brexit Britain | Life and style | The Guardian


id:36696 Quote Investigator Tracing Quotations
id:36697 Introducing SPRITE (and the Case of the Carthorse Child)
id:36698 DNA-testing companies like 23andMe sell your data. How to delete it. - Business Insider
id:36699 Cluedo - Strategies and Situations
id:36700 Potato & leek gratin recipe | BBC Good Food
id:36701 Potato & leek gratin recipe | BBC Good Food


id:36694 Hungry gap - Wikipedia
id:36695 The Strange Brands in Your Instagram Feed - The Atlantic


id:36691 Yearly Statistics for kevan for 2018
id:36692 'I snap the poodle. The poodle looks confused' how to get better at street photography | Art and design | The Guardian
id:36693 DIY IKEA Dice Tray | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek


id:2019 Words of wisdom on Flickr - Photo Sharing!