BlogNomic History

Being a history of the Dynasties of BlogNomic

The First Dynasty of Joranj

1st February - 21st February 2004
Ascension Address
OK, perps, youíve done your time and youíre free to go. A lotís changed out there since you got put away; the economy collapsed, alcoholís illegal and a bunch of mobsters think theyíve got the run of the streets. But theyíve made the same mistake as you, my young delinquents Ė they reckoned without the Man. Donít think that just because some fat guy with a tommy gun is making moonshine in his basement means that the mob rules this city; the Man is watching them, and the Man is watching you, and if you so much as step out of your house with a bad attitude youíll be cooling your heels with Fat Tony the Moonshine Maker. Gottit?
Alright, recruits, listen up. The Mob is running us ragged; for every one we bust, another two start making runs across the river. Weíve lost more men this year to booze than to bullets, and Iíll be surprised if all of you are still wearing a badge next year. To be honest, Iíll even be surprised if more than half of you arenít wearing coffins. But as long the Manís in charge of this city, we wonít let crime and fear rule our streets; with him at our head, we can still beat the mob. Do your duty!
This Dynasty's History has not yet been written.