BlogNomic History

Being a history of the Dynasties of BlogNomic

The First Dynasty of Est

19th September - 12th October 2003
Ascension Address
Greetings Citizens!

Thank you all for your vote of confidence, I will endeavour to prove your faith in me well-founded.

Like you I am eager to put the turbulence of the past week behind us and start afresh. To this end I will be repealling all laws bar only those necessary for our reconstruction. Instead of stating which rules are to be repealled, I believe it would be far simpler to identify those we are to keep. The rules that are to be kept are rules 1-9, 18, 19 and 31 (the Glossary), I feel that these lay out the core principles that govern our existence. If these laws are not exactly as we would like them then they may be modified, but I feel that at least for now they are required.

There is much to be done, but alas at the moment there is little time to do any of it. I will be retiring to the People's Palace for now to reflect upon how best to set us on the right course in these early times, but fear not, for soon I shall re-emerge and lay out the plans I have made, with unprecedented transparency and interactivity for all.

Your humble servant,

Emperor est.
The theme of this Dynasty, after some discussion, was agreed to be that of Robots working together in a mysterious factory - Robots needed Power, and the Control Unit was in charge.
Aaron (alter egos Bottle, Gillian), Ben, Elazar, Kevan, Mat, Royce, Sheeley, Squirrel.
Proposals of Interest
Less Blog, more Nomic (Kevan 09/19/03) This proposal removed the requirement for players to have weblogs, allowing more people to join.

Credit Use (Elazar 09/20/03) A rule that was never used to its full potential, this created parts for each robot and provided a replacement cost.

The Master Control Program (Kevan 09/21/03) Created a simple programming language used by all robots, this became the most important rule in the game, with nearly every later rule relating to it in one way or another.

Producing the Product (Kevan 09/23/03) Gave each robot an inventory for storing "product" and added MCP code to allow robots to produce it.

Battery Packs (Kevan 09/24/03) Allowed batteries to store extra power; more important, added a "keyword" command to the MCP programming language.

Use this patch immediately! (Kevan 09/24/03) Infected the MCP with a hypothetical virus that would modify a random number in the ruleset to make it either 1/2 or double its previous value. This rule was fun because it added a little chaos to the ruleset.

Flat Batteries (Kevan 09/25/03) Seemingly inconsequential at the time, this rule later became critical. It deactivated any robot with zero power.

Forever Is A Very Long Time (Aaron 09/28/03) If the Control Unit's liquid power ever falls below that of the lowest Robot, it malfunctions and the Robot with the highest liquid power becomes the new Control Unit. The critical victory condition, made possible later by a definition of product.

More Virus Fun (Damanor 09/29/03) A minor proposal correcting the possibility of a system crash if the virus hit the MCP in one particular area. The proposal is only significant because it brought up the possibility of a system crash.

Product Sales (Est 10/01/03) Gave robots the ability to sell product and batteries for a profit.

Product Usage (Kevan 10/04/03) Defined "Product" as electromechanical hardware useful in both military and civilian applications. Specifically, it could be used by robots to drain power from other robots.

Do Not Press This Button (Kevan 10/07/03) Allowed Robots to detonate Product and damage all robots - including the activating Robot.
Kevan used "Do Not Press This Button" very effectively to wipe out everyone except himself and Est, the Control Unit, and since he had the higher power (see Forever Is A Very Long Time), Est malfunctioned and Kevan took control.
History submitted by Damanor.