BlogNomic History

Being a history of the Dynasties of BlogNomic

The First Dynasty of Satyr Eyes

9th March - 26th April 2004
Ascension Address
SING TO ME, MUSE, and tell me of the Blog,
The Blog of twists and turns, lost on the sea,
That, Herodom’s great heights left in debris,
Was cursed to toil through Neptune’s fateful fog.

O, long a year did Greece’s champions roam!
O, what adventures did their captain know!
And O, what horrors did they undergo
In seeking to return to hearth and home!

What fate did heroes meet by gods’ decree?
Sage Sisters, let us hear, that we may learn:
Did brave Odysseus fall to mutiny?
Did sailors all Athena’s counsels spurn?
Were they entombed within the wine-dark sea?
Or did they, pray, to Ithaca return?


Welcome to the Fourteenth Dynasty of BlogNomic. The war against your greatest foe has just been won (by means of a cunning Trojan Horse strategy), and it is time for you to join long-suffering Odysseus in his journey home over the perilous depths – if you dare...
This Dynasty's History has not yet been written.