BlogNomic History

Being a history of the Dynasties of BlogNomic

The First Dynasty of Lyndse

18th May - 23rd June 2003
Ascension Address
As Empress of Blognomic, I promise to be just in all decisions, aid my fellow Citizens, and direct affairs not for my personal gain, but for the gain of my subjects. I promise to come down hard and swift upon offenders, and to praise and reward those loyal and helpful to the Empire.
The game continued with the "Kingdom" theme from Myke's Dynasty.
Geran, Kevan, Lyndse, Nea, Rod, Royce, Squirrel.
Proposals of Interest
Faction Action (Kevan, 05/22/03) Established three factions in government: Loyal, Rebel, and Other (for those who aren't loyal or rebel).

Robin Hood (Royce, 05/26/03) The Rebel faction got to choose one person as "Robin Hood," who could, once a week, take 25 gold from one player and give it to one other player, other than himself/herself. Royce was the first Robin Hood in BlogNomic. The position was later changed to Highwayman.

Revolution! (Kevan, 05/27/03) If the Rebel faction has more gold than the Loyal faction, a Rebel player can call for a revolution, suggesting a new Emperor; if all of the members of the faction agree, the government is overthrown and the chosen player becomes the new Emperor.

Bonus Words (Royce, 06/03/03) The Empress (or Grand Vizier, if the Empress delegates) designates a "bonus word" each week, and players collect 5 gold for using the bonus word in their personal weblog.

Disorganized Coup (Kevan 06/09/03) More a wake-up call than anything else, this proposal called for a new emperor randomly chosen from those who vote in favor of it.

Boom! (Royce, 06/10/03) Probably the most creative way to end a dynasty, this created an atomic bomb that would count down from thirty until it reached zero, going down by one for every two days that no-one posted a proposal. It helped to alleviate the boredom that came over BlogNomic during the summer, and continued to tick its way to destruction throughout this Dynasty and the next.

Questioning Loyalty (Geran 06/10/03) Allowed the Empress to call someone's loyalty into question and move them to the Other faction from the Loyal faction. It was partially a responce to Disorganized Coup.

Swapping shirts (Kevan 06/20/03) Swapped the faction affiliations of Loyal and Rebel faction members at the end of a dynasty.
Kevan, who felt that things were "feeling increasingly stale and unexciting," changed his allegiance from the Loyal faction to the Rebel faction, giving the Rebels a significantly larger treasury and sweeping Geran into power.
History submitted by Damanor.