All Known Mutations
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Key : Attack Defence Sidekick Meta Misc
Spend 15: Other Monsters may not use any of their Mutations, next round.
Spend 10 and Burn 10: Deal 20 unavoidable damage to an opponent.
Spend 10 to knock a building down: If you knock 20 buildings down, your work here is done; you win the game.
Your Worshippers start with Energy equal to the total Power Strength of all your other Mutations, multiplied by two.
The US Military have 100 Energy. At the start of each round, they will decide to Attack the Monster with the most Energy for 20 damage (or as much of 20 as possible), and to spend the rest on Defence.
Lose all of your Mutations, and gain those which you had at the end of the previous game.
Flaw. (All players pay their bids for this, except for the lowest bidder(s), who must take it and cannot discard it.) At the end of the fifth round, lose all your Mutations and set your Energy to 1.
Burn 5: Deal 5 damage to all opponents.
Your Egg Clutch has 50 Energy, and cannot Attack or defend, although you can choose to defend it. It produces a copy of you (with 50 Energy) at the end of every third round.
You may nominate one Attack per turn as a Claw Attack. Add +10 to it.
Double your Energy. However, during even-numbered Rounds, you must either repeat your Energy assignments from the previous round, or decrease them.
You may not take more than 5 damage a turn.
Flaw. (All players pay their bids for this, except for the lowest bidder(s), who must take it and cannot discard it.) Secretly choose a number between 1 and 10, before the game starts; if anyone uses this number in an Attack against you, you keel over and die.
At the end of any turn you do not take any damage, gain 5 Energy.
If you damage an opponent, they must spend 10 Energy struggling free, during next round.
Add 30 to your Defence, each round. The first time that you sustain any damage, this Mutation is lost.
Your creative use of the city as a weapon adds this Mutation's Mutation Strength to your Attacks but also earns you the wrath of a 20 Energy Militia which Attacks you for 5 each round until slaughtered.
Whenever an opponent is defeated, gain Energy equal to Omnivorous' Mutation Strength or the corpse's Starting Energy, whichever is lower.
When Attacking the Monster with the single lowest Energy, add 10 to that Attack.
Gain 10 Energy at the end of each round. Whenever you Attack a Monster who is not Attacking you, that Attack does no damage.
Burn 10 and choose another player. That player's combined Attack for this turn is instead treated as their Defense, while their Defense is used as Attack against a random player.
Gain a sidekick named The Monster, who has a copy of a random power from each other player and total Energy equal to: (total bids on this power - the winning bid on this power)/2
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