All Known Programs

Key : Attack Defence Sidekick Meta Misc
When you install this Program, replace it with a copy of any other Program that was bid for this round.
Burn 10: Destroy an opponent's Program.
Spend 10: Remove a Virus from your system.
You may destroy any of your Programs to gain Bits equal to their Power Strength, at any time.
Spend 10: If you successfully damage an opponent's system this turn, they become Hacked. Each turn, Hacked players must spend 10 (or all) Bits doing nothing - the player who hacked them may instead allocate those Bits as part of their own turn.
The first time your system is damaged, prevent that damage.
Burn 10: If you are damaged this turn, you may destroy a Program on the damaging player's system.
At the end of each round, lose 10 Bits. Whenever you successfully damage an opponent, give them a copy of Black Virus.
At the end of each round, steal 5 Bits from each opponent you damaged during that round.
At the end of each round, destroy a Program you own (other than Dust Virus). Whenever you successfully damage an opponent, give them a copy of Dust Virus.
Spend 15 and nominate a Program: That Program may not be used against you this round.
Flaw. (All players pay their bids for this, except for the lowest bidder(s), who must take it and cannot discard it.) Your opponents can secretly pay you Bits before the round (those Bits are burnt on their end and added to your maximum). You cannot Attack the hacker who paid you the most Bits for that Round.
Spend 10: Double or halve any number on any Program you own. (May not be used more than once per round per Program.)
Burn 5: All damage done to you by Attacks this turn is cancelled.
Spend 10: If you damage any Hackers this round, gain copies of all of their Programs (except Sidekicks) that you don't already have.
The Program in play with the most characters in its description has no effect.
When you win this Program, you may take free copies of any other Programs. For each Program you copy, its owner may take a copy of one of your Programs (other than Open Source).
Bits are assigned and declared in two stages; those being spent by opponents to activate Programs, then the rest.
When your System is fully hacked, you may immediately recover with no Programs and with Bits equal to 2 times this Program's Program Strength.
Add fifty percent (rounded down) to any damage you cause by Attacking.
Spend 10: Gain 15 Bits. Use once per round.
Burn 5: After actions are revealed, you may choose to disconnect; you take no further part in that round.
At the end of the round, for any Bits you lost by reasons other than Burn, choose an equivalent quantity of Bits used on your actions that round. You regain the Bits as "ROM Bits" - each round, you must spend them in exactly those same actions, with the exact same targets. Only regular Bits can be lost by damage, burn and so on; as long as you only have ROM Bits, you are considered to be eliminated for game-winning purposes.
Spend 20: Select a Program which has been used against you this turn. It may not be used against you again.
Gain a number of Bits equal to the round number at the beginning of each round. When your total Bits exceed the sum of all other systems' Bits, you win.
Burn 5: If you successfully damage an opponent's system this turn, their system becomes Slimed. Slimed systems can only spend half their Bits, each turn.
Choose a Program when you bid for this. Whoever wins that Program must declare their Bit Allocations to you before you make yours, each round.
You may spend an extra 20 Bits each turn, but your turn is revealed before your opponents' choices are made, if you choose to do so.
If the single largest Attack of the round targets you, it is reduced to zero.
If an opponent does damage to you, they become Infected. An Infected player takes 5 damage at the end of each subsequent turn. They may burn 5 to remove the Infection.
When you damage an opponent, you gain 5 Bits.
Wingman has 50 Bits and starts with a copy of the Program with the lowest Power Strength (other than himself).
You may use any other Program in play as if it were your own. If you use a Program during the same round that its owner uses it, however, your use has no effect and you lose 5 Bits.
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