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Kaleidoscope was a 2003 project in which six weekly tasks were set, for players to interpret and complete within their own weblogs and journals. [ read more... ]

Kaleidoscope Task Archive : Twenty-First of July, 2003

Haiku Write a posting containing a sentence or sentences that can be divided into haiku form (five syllables, seven syllables, five syllables).
Launch Week Either declare that you're taking part in Kaleidoscope and link to it, or make some shadowy, allusive posting about having become part of some online project.
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(Claimed by: boynton Geran burnsy79 jedisquid loon Ninjeff bluejoh)
Write about, or link to, either (a) one or more people who share your name, or (b) one or more pages which share the name of your weblog or journal.
Additive-Free Make a posting, of at least twenty words, that contains no occurrences of the letter 'e'.
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(Claimed by: Geran bluejoh fnord loon boynton)
Write about something you've spent at least ten hours doing, during the past week, and decide whether it was a waste of your time or not.
Instruction Post a set of instructions for making something.

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